Волейбольный мяч Meteor Max 2000 10086

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VOLLEYBALL METEOR MAX 2000 white / blue


  • Volleyball is one of the most interesting and massively practiced team games in Poland.
  • It affects the comprehensive physical fitness and makes your body fit, making you look attractive.
  • Volleyball also teaches teamwork, which is an extremely important principle in social life.
  • Bearing in mind the benefits of practicing this sport discipline, the Meteor brand has created a product that will allow you to start a great adventure!
  • The Meteor Chili volleyball is made of extremely durable and abrasion-resistant Micro PU PLUS material, which ensures its longer use.
  • It is also very soft, which makes it pleasant to touch.
  • Dedicated to play in the hall and outdoors. It is ideal for schools and for training by both amateurs and more advanced players.
  • Its unique appearance and careful workmanship is a guarantee of quality and satisfaction.
  • Thanks to the glued panels, the ball keeps its shape and ensures good rebound, moreover, it is resistant to dirt penetrating between the panels, so you can keep it clean longer.

The most important features:

    • material - thanks to the high-quality Micro PU PLUS, the ball is extremely durable and abrasion-resistant, it is also very soft, making it pleasant to the touch
    • perfectly round - an extremely important parameter that significantly reduces the risk of injuries or abrasions caused during the game
    • intended use : the ball is perfect for amateurs and more advanced players, thanks to its low weight and softness, it ensures comfort, does not cause overload
    • attractive design - properly matched colors ensure very good visibility during the game, and carefully refined details are an additional advantage of the product.


    • model: MAX 2000
    • color: white / blue
    • made of Micro PU PLUS
    • official weight and size.


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