Sharkoon V1000 RGB mATX

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The V1000 is back, and shows itself in a new, RGB-illuminated guise: Three 120 mm RGB LED fans are pre-installed in the V1000 RGB: two behind the mesh front panel and another on the rear panel. The power supply tunnel on the bottom panel conceals cables, ensuring the tidy installation of the hardware inside the case. Inside the micro-ATX case there is space for particularly large components such as a graphics card with a length of up to 40 cm.

Optimal Fan Solutions. Three 120 mm RGB LED fans are already installed in the front and the rear of the V1000 RGB, while the top of the case offers space for up to three 120 mm fans or two 140 mm fans. With removable dust filters at the top, front and bottom panels, the components are well protected, and the casing stays clean.

The Small All-Rounder. The V1000 RGB offers something for everybody. The tempered glass side panel ensures an accomplished presentation of the hardware, especially with illuminated components. It is suitable for office use as well as for gaming. Or it can be used as a compact multimedia station. RGB enthusiasts are also catered for: Using a mainboard with an integrated RGB control and a header with a pinout of 5V-D-G or 5V-D-coded-G, the case can be illuminated in a wide variety of colors.

Various Options for Data Storage Drives. In the front panel of the V1000 RGB there is a removable mount for a 5.25" drive. Here, the supplied 5.25" front cover with a 3.5" opening enables the installation of an external 3.5" device. Two 3.5" HDDs or two 2.5" SSDs will find room in the HDD/SSD cage. Two further 2.5" drives can be accommodated behind the mainboard tray.

Lots of Room Also for Larger Components. Not only will a number of data storage drives have sufficient space in the V1000 RGB: Although the case is very compact, a radiator can be placed at the front, or a graphics cards with a maximum length of 40 cm can be installed. A CPU cooler with a maximum height of approx. 15.8 cm can also be accommodated in this micro-ATX case.

Neat and Tidy. The tunnel on the bottom panel of the V1000 RGB enables the tidy installation of the power supply unit together with its cabling. Here, power supply units with a maximum length of 24 cm can be placed next to the HDD/SSD cage, which is also housed in the tunnel. Thanks to the extra-long slots, the cage can be moved into the required position. A number of cable pass-throughs ensure that the rest of the cabling can tidily disappear behind the mainboard tray.


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