Диагностическое устройство LAUNCH CRE OBD2

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  • ABS / SRS system diagnosis 🚗 + EOBD / OBDII 10 modes: LAUNCH CRE200 is our new OBD2 diagnostic device 2021, which detects two ECU systems mainly from the vehicle: ABS and SRS. Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, turn off the corresponding warning light. Also equipped with OBDII 10 modes that worked on the engine emission system, turn off MIL, smog check, EVAP test, still image, O2 sensor test, on-board monitor test
  • Auto VIN + DTC library + live data stream + battery voltage test: intelligent diagnosis offers you the convenience of automatically detecting the VIN. The DTC library allows you to retrieve the detailed description of specific DTCs from the DTC database. The live data chart makes it more intuitive to analyse the problem. Displays the battery voltage in real time and reminds you of an ageing battery or malfunction of the alternator.
  • Diagnostic report + data protocol + feedback: a diagnostic report is created in the diagnostic process, you can share it by email, the information from the filling workshop is displayed in the report. Supports the recording and playback of data stream. The diagnostic process provides quick access to the latest diagnostic processes. Get support from the Launch Tech by providing feedback on the vehicle Send problems.Contacts Order [email protected] for the fastest result
  • Launch CRE200 OBD2 diagnostic device for DIY enthusiasts and individuals. It is specially developed and has the following features: 4 inch 480 x 800 large touch screen 16 GB ROM enough to store data, 3 hotkeys: settings/start/back, longer 16 pin OBDII cable, lifetime free WiFi update. (Please fix the latest errors or add new parameters) Easy to use, beginner-friendly, portable to carry.
  • Wide vehicle coverage + multilingual. Launch CRE200 code reader for cars supports most OBDII protocol cars from 1996, US-based, 2000 EU and newer OBDII protocol, works on many cars, up to 10000 car models, diesel (only 12 V), SUV, petrol. Minivans, 12V lightweight commercial vehicles, supports English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese and Portuguese.


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