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Mops with accurate moisture control.
Covering 200m², there are three moisture levels to choose from on the app, from low to high, you decide how much water it uses in mopping. Wood floors are no longer at risk of being damaged by water.

Protects the wood, with a mat.
D9 Pro comes with a moisture-proof mat to prevent the wood from getting soaked, which usually happens when the mop module was forgotten to be removed after a mopping.

Up-to-date suction, once again.
4,000Pa. The first-tier suction in a robot vacuum. While the carpet boost is on, it smartly increases the suction on carpets to pick up most of the dust in a run.

Fewer hair hurdles. Easier to maintain.
Upgraded with a set of comb teeth in the detachable brush module, hairs can be untangled simultaneously during a cleanup.

Smarter cleaning, using LiDAR.
A better cleaning efficiency comes with better navigation, which is guaranteed by LiDAR, a technique that helps D9 Pro go around using lasers.

Clean through your fingertip.
Connecting to the app, D9 Pro takes various cleaning orders on your phone.

150min, before it recharges itself.
Working for 150min enables D9 Pro to handle multiple cleaning tasks on a full charge, from cleaning several rooms to cleaning the same area up to 2 times. D9 Pro also recharges itself when the battery is low.

Listens to you via Alexa.
In addition to controlling D9 Pro on the app, you can also give orders to it with your voice via Alexa.


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