Диагностический набор SDPROG + Vgate Icar Pro Bluetooth 4.0

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Product description: SDPROG + Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth 4.0 diagnostic kit

The kit containingmodern diagnostic softwaretogether withwirelessOBDII / EOBDinterfaceis a complete solution for people who want to learnmoreabout their vehicle. The software allows youto read the most importantcar parameters such as turbocharger charge pressure or lambda probe voltage. The software also allows you to readand delete error codes.OBD Vgate iCar ProBluetooth 4.0interface moduleenableswirelesstransmission of information to aphone with android system or a computer with Windows Vista or later in 32 or 64 bit version. Vgate iCar Pro is characterized by faster data transfer, more functions and more stable operation.

SDPROG - interface and displayed information.

Capabilities and compatibility

The software is compatiblewith all makes and models of carsregardless of the country in which they were produced. This is related to the entry into force of environmental protection standards, and thus forcing manufacturers to use a uniform diagnostic interface. Full compatibility occurs with manufactured cars:

  • after 1 January 1996 in the USA
  • after 1 January 2001 in the European Union
  • after 1 January 2002 in Poland
  • after 1 January 2003 in the European Union for diesel cars

OBDII interface VGate iCar Pro.

Modern and functional SDPROG software with a number of functions enablingdiagnostics of the vehicle athome. Thanks to SDPROG it is possible toread error codes related toCheck engine / MIL control and delete them. A useful function is hints and repair instructions with the existing code. The program reads all codes related to it:

  • P - drive system
  • B - the body
  • C - undercarriage
  • U - networkcommunication

SDPROG software is able tomonitor the operation ofindividual sensorsinstalled inthe vehicle. These includesensors forairtemperature, lambda probe voltage and turbochargercharge pressure. Thanks to an intuitive interface set to personalisation, reading the parameters is easy and pleasant.

  • VGate iCar Pro Bluetooth 4.0 - OBDII/EOBD
  • SDPROG software with activation code
  • Access to updates
Useful links
  • SDPROG application for Android
  • SDPROG application for iOS


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