TRIGGERPOINT MB2 ™ Massager Цвет: Lime / White / Black

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Lime / White / Black

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MB2 roller uses two massage balls, extended by an adjustable length forming the open mode; the length is locked back into the balls forming the closed mode. Massage balls are constructed in layers of foam, made up of different densities, mirroring the pressure a massage therapist’s thumb, addressing different problems at the back. The surface is very dense, yet still compresses to grip muscles tissues, releasing tightness and discomfort. This uniqueness helps in keeping blood and oxygen flow, enhancing movements without irritating nerves like a hard golf ball or a lacrosse ball might. The slip resistant texture functions best on any hard surfaces including floor and wall. Foam surface is easy to clean, more hygienic than cloth, suitable for repeated use. Features: - MB2 roller uses two massage balls, designed in two settings: open and closed. - Open mode targets large muscles at the back and closed mode is for muscles near the spine. Dual functions facilitate users the easing of tight muscles and stiffness in the neck and back, soothing pains, improving flexibility and mobility of the spine. Innovative designs include the use of EVA foam, uniquely constructed in layers in different densities, breaking up adhesions, stimulating blood flow. The slip resistance texture enables users to use MB2 roller on any hard surfaces, helping in the fast relief of targeted muscles. Foam surface is easy to clean and durable. - MB2 roller is compact, portable, light weight and travel-friendly. Suitable and ideal for: - Athletes, coaches, trainers and fitness enthusiasts who have back problems - To be used at home, office or on-the-go Specification: - Weight: 3.8 oz - Diameter: 6.5 cm - Length: 12.7 cm


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