Стеклянная бутылка с ониксом

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Jungle Way


The design glass bottle with onyx is a great way to remind yourself how crucial hydration plays in a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, it gives each of us the opportunity to relieve the planet Earth from disposable plastics, which sold more than 480 billion pieces worldwide in 2019 alone. Among other things, save 99% compared to the price of bottled water. Onyx in the double bottom actively acts on the water through vibrations, even if it does not physically touch it. After only 30 minutes, it is a detoxifying elixir, which also supports positive thinking. The depiction of the symbol of the sacred geometry of the flower of life affects the molecular structure of water, as the Japanese scientist and physician Masaru Emot proved, and has naturally harmonizing and cleansing effects on water. Always have the basic source of life with you. With enough water, your body and mind will always be in shape.  


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