SPC 6521B CO2 Meter

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CO2 meter with audible alarm and light traffic light that shows the quality of the environment . It also records the Percentage Of Humidity And Temperature. Home Or Professional Use. Features: Measure Co2. Healthier Environment: - Know The Co2 Levels Of Your Home Or Your Business. The Spc Co2 Meter Offers You The Amount Of Co2 In A Room, Premises Or Office. Spc Co2 Air Quality Monitor Shows You If The Air Quality Is “Very Good” If It Is Less Than 600 Ppm, “Normal” If It Is Between 600 And 1200 Ppm, And “Poor” If It Is Greater Than 1200 Ppm. At Each Level Of Air Quality, A Color: - Its Colored Led Light Helps You Control The Quality Of The Air In The Room At A Glance And More Quickly And Comfortably. This Co2 Meter Incorporates A Very Visual Colored Traffic Light That Allows You To Recognize If The Air Quality Is Very Good (Green), Normal (Orange) Or Bad (Red). Even When You Decide To Turn Off The Screen Because You Don´t Need To Access The Air Quality Data, The Led Light Will Blink Slightly So That You Always Have This Information Available. It Protects You And Yours: - Always Thinking Of Making It Easy For You, The Device Also Emits An Audible Alarm When It Detects Poor Air Quality. Know In Real Time Humidity And Temperature: - This Co2 Meter, In Addition To Offering You Air Quality Data, Shows You Many Other Interesting Data That Will Be Totally Useful To You, Such As Humidity, For Example . In This Way, You Will Know If The Humidity Levels In Your Home Are Optimal At Key Times Of The Year, Such As Winter, A Stage In Which Heating Dries Out The Environment And Can Cause Nasal And Throat Dryness, And A Drop In Our Defenses. In Addition, It Also Shows The Temperature, Date And Time. Select The Display Mode That Best Suits Your Needs From Among The 3 That It Incorporates And You Will See Some Data Or Others Reflected On Its Screen. Up To 20 Hours Of Autonomy: - Spc Co2 Air Quality Monitor Incorporates A 1000mah Lithium-Ion Battery That Offers You The Possibility Of Moving It From One Room To Another Without Fear Of Losing Your Settings Or The Device Turning Off Along The Way. Thanks To Its Built-In Battery, This Co2 Meter Has An Autonomy That Can Reach Up To 20 Hours Of Use With A Single Charge. A Design That Adapts To Your Home Or Office: - It Has A Compact Design With Rounded Lines And A Front With A Mirror Effect Finish. When You Don´t Need To View The Data That The Device Offers You, You Can Turn Off The Screen And You Will Only See Yourself Reflected In The Mirror. With This Careful Design, Its Adaptability To Any Style And Environment, Domestic And Professional, Is Guaranteed. In Addition, You Can Stand It Up On A Shelf Or Table Or Fix It On The Wall Thanks To The Anchors That Are Included With The Device. Specifications: - Volumetric Weight: 0.21kg Technical Details: - Typology Home: Co² Meter - Mount Type: Desk Weight And Measurements: - Height: 90mm - Wide: 90mm - Weight: 90g - Depth: 26mm Battery: - Ability: 1000mah


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