SIXS Box 2 Boxer Цвет: Черный; Размер: M-L

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Features: - Suitable for all sports at all temperatures - To be worn directly in contact with the skin, under normal sportswear - Maximum sweat control, keeps the skin always dry, counteracts the formation of odors - Maintains the correct body thermoregulation Boxer shorts: - Carbon Underwear briefs suitable not only for sports activities, but also for everyday use. Seamless technology reduces the number of seams to increase comfort. The SIXS Carbon Underwear® fabric not only guarantees excellent breathability and thermoregulation, but the antibacterial properties as well. The result is that the skin is always dry and there is no damp feeling. Comfortable Sitting Agile Pad: - Medium-density butt-patch that is comfortable and versatile for all uses. It is designed for short to medium distances (up to 3h of non-stop pedaling). It boasts a thin design to take up minimum space, is very flexible, and it has a double padding layer (4 mm thick in the outermost part, while the center zone arrives at 8 mm) to guarantee adequate shock absorption for road cycling and outdoor activities. Race Pad: - Butt-patch designed for medium distances (over 6 hours of riding). Double density construction ensures exceptional comfort while eliminating energy dispersion: a 4 mm foam base, with 8 additional mm of foam in the support zone, with a density of 110 kg/m3 for uniform protection at all of the body´s points of contact. The anti bacterial fabric with its characteristic interlocking twisted-mesh structure provides natural micro-ventilation, allowing for quick drying and perfect thermal insulation. Fabric Carbon Underwear: - The products in the SIXS Underwear line are suitable for all sports, all year round. - Perfect in all circumstances involving physical activity, all of the garments in this range are meant to be worn in direct contact with the skin, underneath the usual sports clothing. Technology: Antistatic System: - Carbon wire insulates from static electricity caused by tissue rubbing Seamless Technology: - Less seams for an absolute comfort Antibacterial Fiber: - Polypropylene fiber prevents foul odors and annoying irritations due to build-up of perspiration and chafing from forming Hydrophobic Wave: - It carries moisture to the outside so it can evaporate. The skin is always dry and thermal insulation is constant SPF 50: - Sun Protection SPF 50


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