LIZARD Super Hike Leather Sandals Цвет: Midnight Blue / Zinfandel Red; Размер: 36

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Midnight Blue / Zinfandel Red



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With full-grain leather straps and moulded padding, the SUPER HIKE LEATHER ensures a precise fit with exceptional comfort. The HIKE midsole brings a classic, natural walking feeling thanks to the zero drop, anatomical shape and PU midsole. Combined with the proprietary LIZARD Hike Grip outsole and breathable, non-slip suede footbed, the SUPER HIKE sandal guarantees durability, grip, and comfort on varied terrain. Features: - Full-grain leather straps - Full-grain leather footbed - LIZARD Hike Grip outsole - Triple Velcro closure - Durable midsole Specifications: Range Of Use: - Outdoor Composition: - UPPER: Full-grain leather, PU, Velcro - FOOTBED: Full-grain leather - MIDSOLE: PU - OUTSOLE: LIZARD Hike Grip rubber Closure: - Triple Velcro closure Heel: - 16.2 mm Forefoot: - 16.2 mm Features: - Upper: SUPER upper with webbing and moulded PU padding - Footbed: Suede leather for comfortable, breathable, non-slip foot support - Midsole: HIKE PU midsole for maximum durability with zero drop for a natural-walking feeling - Outsole: LIZARD Hike Grip with original lug design for advanced grip on varied terrain - Closure: Triple Velcro closure for an adjustable, secure fit Approx Weight: - 280 G (per shoe) Technology: LEATHER: - The leather used in LIZARD products is carefully selected to ensure performance and durability, and treated to limit the absorption of water and dirt. Trek Midsole: - With cushioned EVA and a progressive 8mm drop, the TREK midsole provides a responsive, performance fit with maximum comfort and energy return. Zero Drop: - 0mm drop from heel to toes gives a natural walking position. Lizard Hike Grip: - A durable outsole using proprietary LIZARD Grip rubber and an original lug design for advanced grip on varied terrain. Super Upper: - With combined webbing and padding, the SUPER Upper provides an easy-to-adjust fit and maximum comfort. ANATOMICAL FIT: - Uses a wide toe box for an unrestricted, natural stride.


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