Gardena Flood Set 9000 - 300 W - AC - 0.6 bar - 9000 l/h - IPX8 - Black

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Irrigation Equipment, Другие электроинструменты

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Dirty Water Submersible Pump 9000 with lay flat hose kit and practical pre-filter box
The Flood Set 9000 from GARDENA is a great help when draining and pumping out waste water after a flood. The Dirty Water Submersible Pump 9000 is used if the cellar is flooded or the heavily polluted garden pond needs to be pumped out. The included cage made of recycled material serves as a practical pre-filter during flood use. This protects the durable pump from flotsam, which would otherwise quickly clog the pump. Together with the pre-filter box, you can use the pump up to a water level of 32 cm. The pump offers high performance with low energy consumption. It has a 300 W motor, a maximum delivery height of 6 m and a pressure of 0.6 bar. Thus, the efficient pump can pump up to 9000 litres of water per hour. Dirt particles in the water up to a diameter of about 25 mm are easily handled. The float switch ensures that the submersible pump is automatically switched on when a certain level is exceeded. As soon as the level drops again, it automatically switches off the energy-saving pump. If you push the switch into the housing, continuous manual operation is possible. To protect the motor under water, the pump has a hardened motor shaft with double sealing. With one click, you connect the included flat hose to the device. The hose comes with a 12-year warranty. It has a length of 10 m and reaches a diameter of 38 mm (1 1/2") when in use. Due to its pressure resistance of 5 bar and high-quality manufacture, the hose is suitable for burst pressures of up to 15 bar. The Flood Set 9000 with Dirty Water Submersible Pump and Lay Flat Hose Kit can be used in a variety of applications in the home garden or in agriculture. The material used for the flat hose section is double-layered as well as mesh enforced. As a result, it is protected from external influences such as UV light. The set is completed by a 0.5 m long, dimensionally stable ribbed pond hose and a matching hose connector with clamps. These ensure that the flat hose cannot kink over the edge of the box and that a significantly higher delivery rate is achieved. You can store the pump, hose and cable in the practical storage box for easy transport. After registering online, GARDENA offers you an extended warranty of five years on the Dirty Water Submersible Pump 9000. Feel the power of GARDENA pumps with more than 40 years of experience in drainage, irrigation, domestic use.

Five-year warranty extension with registration
GARDENA offers a five-year warranty extension if you register your product at within three months of purchase.

High performance and low power consumption
The pump is ideally suited during floods for draining, transferring and pumping out dirty water with good performance and high efficiency.

Easy to handle and with dirt particle protection
The GARDENA Dirty Water Submersible Pump 9000 is quick and easy to connect. Together with the pre-filter box, it is an ideal model for use during flooding. It is suitable for waste water with dirt particles up to a grain size of 25 mm. In addition to flood use, it is also used for draining ponds, ditches, rain barrels or construction pits.

Sustainable use of plastic
The pre-filter box is made of recycled and impact-resistant plastic.

Adjustable float switch
The GARDENA Dirty Water Submersible Pump 9000 is equipped with an adjustable float switch with continuous on function connection, which prevents dry running and ensures that your pump runs automatically and safely.

High pumping capacity
The pump can pump up to 9000 litres of dirty water per hour. It has a powerful 300 W motor with a maximum delivery height of 6 m.

Industrial quality with fabric-reinforced and double-layered material
The Lay Flat Hose Kit in industrial quality, offering a pressure resistance of 5 bar and is suitable up to a burst pressure of 15 bar thanks to high-quality manufacture. The hose is therefore suitable for everyday use in the garden and for use in agriculture.The material used is double-layered andmesh enforced. This makes it UV and weather resistant.

With 10 m flat hose 38 mm (1 1/2")
The flat hose section with a length of 10 m reaches a diameter of 38 mm (1 1/2") when in use and can be easily rolled up afterwards. This saves space and makes it convenient to store.

Bend protection
The dimensionally stable ribbed pond hose with a length of 0.5 m and the matching hose connector with clamps prevent the flat hose from bending over the edge of the box. This enables a significantly higher delivery rate.


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