Диагностический набор SDPROG + Vgate Icar 2 Bluetooth 3.0

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Product description: SDPROG + Vgate iCar 2 Bluetooth 3.0 diagnostic kit

SDPROG software is amodern solutionfor people who want to havecontrol over their car.The tool allows you to diagnose themost importantcarparameters. The software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 in 32 and 64 bit versions. The program is fully polonized and has the possibility of free updates. The set includesa wirelessVGate iCar 2 Bluetooth 3.0module, which enables data transfer from the car viaBluetooth3.0 standard.

SDPROG software.

Compatibility and possibilities

The software is compatible withall makes and models of carsregardless of the country of manufacture. This is related to the entry into force of environmental protection standards, and thus forcing manufacturers to use a uniform diagnostic interface. Full compatibility occurs with manufactured cars:

  • after 1 January 1996 in the USA
  • after 1 January 2001 in the European Union
  • after 1 January 2002 in Poland
  • after 1 January 2003 in the European Union for diesel cars

OBDII plug.

The software allows you to read theerror codes anddeletethem,the cause ofthe Check engine light. Additionally it is equipped with arich database of clues,which are displayed together with the error code and provide the user with information such as the reason of the error, fault and symptoms associated with it. The tool has a function ofmonitoring sensors in the car.It allows, among other things, to view on:

  • Engine, suction air and ambienttemperature sensor
  • Accelerator pedalposition sensor
  • Voltage sensor in the electrical system
  • Chargepressure sensor forturbo compressor

In addition, SDPROG providesusefulinformationwhen buying a car. The software enables you to see the progress from the moment the MIL light is activated, the time from which the error codes have been deleted or the time when the Check engine light is activated.

  • VGate iCar 2 Bluetooth 3.0
  • SDPROG software with activation code
  • Access to updates
Useful links
  • SDPROG application for Android
  • SDPROG application for iOS


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