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Awaken your senses, without complications, in a simple way, playing with this Sexual board game. With this game, lack of libido or stress (which is the main cause of sexual loss of appetite) will not be an excuse. Its contradictions are the most appealing for the occasion, sensual, morbid, mischievous ... It implies enough for you to get to know your bodies better and value yourself more positively and deeply, without shame, without taboos, without concealment of any kind.

If you bring it to a successful conclusion, you will achieve a better sexual and partner relationship. Sexual play contains several games that you can use at some point. We recommend a sensual atmosphere, soft light, scented candles and music according to the moment, dressing and putting on shoes, whether in pajamas, everyday clothes or with summer clothes. The best are strawberries, banana, shot drink, cava, sweets and / or some edibles of your liking.

The best thing is to have another outfit prepared without your partner seeing it, it does not necessarily have to be sexy, it can be something funny. Remember that alcoholic beverages can be supplanted by soft drinks, non-alcoholic beverages and liquors.

The set includes:

  • Three-dimensional laminated board
  • 2 chips 2 cups 2 number dice
  • High quality 25mm socket
  • Tokens whistle - tit
  • Feather Tickler
  • Mask
  • Bondage tape


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