ASMODEE Jungle Speed Board Game Цвет: red / brown

2 300 ₽
Цвет:red / brown
  • Доставка из Германии
  • Продавец DESTE FZ LLC
  • Курьер EMS 17 июня - 7 июля
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red / brown




Jungle Speed ​​Was Invented Around 3000 Years Ago In Subtropical Spidopotamia By The Men Of The Abulú Tribe. This Ethnic Group Fought In This Funny Way For The Skins Of Their Prey, Playing With Eucalyptus Leaves. This Ritual Was Secretly Passed Down For Centuries, Until Tom And Yako, Last Abulús Descendants, Decided To Reveal It To The World.The Objective Of The Game Is To Get Rid Of All Your Cards As Quickly As Possible. The First Player To Do So Will Be Named Chief Abulú. The 70 Cards Are Dealt As Evenly As Possible, Face Down, Among All The Players And The Totem Is Placed In The Center Of The Players, To Which The Players Will Have To Bow As A Sign Of Respect. The Players Reveal A Card From Their Deck And Place It In Front Of Them, In Turns (In The Direction Of The Solar Trajectory Or, If It Is At Night, In That Of The Waters Of The Clock), A Card That They Will Cover In The Next Turn With Another Card .When 2 Players Have Two Cards With Identical Symbols (The Color Does Not Matter), A Duel Will Take Place, Which Will Win The One Who Manages To Catch The Totem. The Loser Takes His Opponent´s Discard Pile, His Discards And The Pot (If Any) And Adds Them To His Pile. Specifications: - Qualification: Jungle Speed - Editorial: Zygomatic - Category: Card Game - Collection: Jungle Speed - Number Of Players: 2 To 10


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