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When the robot crossed like a ray the rye sown in hand / the police van I realized that a line had crossed and that he had crossed many hours before that the same day.

Maybe happened when we sneered in the Sätuna and Olof store found that strange backpack.

I should have realized then at the time in which Olof put his hand in that huge glove and the thing he had under canvas came alive.

Or maybe it started all when we escaped from home before lunch? They spend so many things in the summer days that is difficult remember how it fits everything.

Simon Stålenhag is an internation fame artist Author of the book of Illustrations and narrative stories Loop that shuck the world with its vision of an alternative Scandinavia set in the 1980s in which technology invaded bucolic landscapes to create a new universe disturbing and nostalgic At the same time.

Now you have the opportunity to enter those surprising images in the world of the loop.

In this role-based game based on the work of Simon Stålenhag your friends and you will interpret teenagers to resolve spectacular enigmas connected with the loop but they have to go home to Time for dinner.

This home box includes everything you you need to start.

Content A book of illustrated rules that explains how it is played a mystery Complete called the recycled boy five pregenerated characters ready to start playing a large color map of loop land Ten special dice recorded.

Title Stories of the loop Home box Release date 11 06 2021 Editorial Edge Entertainment Category Role Game Collection Loop Stories Spanish Language Recommended minimum age 12 years Duration 30 120 ´ Number of players 2 to 6.


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